Shishito Peppers - Wholesale Box

Sweet, lively, and smoky. Our beloved Shishitos are also available in bulk boxes for restaurants and food service providers.


Jalapeño Peppers - Wholesale Box

One of the great culinary peppers of the world, with just the right pop of heat. Jalapeño Peppers are a staple across a wide swath of dishes.


Red Fresno Peppers - Wholesale Box

Fruitier and smokier than their Jalapeño cousins, Red Fresnos have thin walls, and are ideal for sauces, such as sriracha.


Poblano Peppers - Wholesale Box

Rich, earthy, and thick. Poblano Peppers have mild heat, and are great for stuffing or roasting on account of their large size.

All products available via leading specialty produce distributors nationwide.