about us

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Where it all began

Like any great vegetable story, it all started on a farm. Our founder, Noah, grew up in agriculture, and always dreamed of veggies. The world is full of incredible vegetables, and Noah always wondered why he kept seeing the same old stuff in the produce aisle. He tried a shishito pepper once at a restaurant, and fell in love. He searched and searched, but couldn’t find it anywhere. So, he decided to grow a few acres himself. The rest is history. Our peppers and other amazing veggie products can now be purchased all over the USA under the Ark Foods brand.


What we do

Ark Foods sells amazing veggie products. Plain and simple. Why? We love vegetables. They are awesome. Did you know that there are over 3,000 different varieties of potatoes in Peru? Why do we always eat the same ones? Fresh veggies are natural, versatile, adventurous, and delicious. Oh yeah, and they’re also good for you.

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How we operate

We are vertically integrated, modern day farmers. It all starts with finding the very best, non-GMO seeds. From there, we nurture our veggies all the way from our fields to your dinner table. We adhere to the highest food safety standards and protocols. You can find our farms up and down the Eastern seaboard, from Florida to New Jersey. You can find our products at a supermarket near you, or in restaurants nationwide.