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At Ark Foods, we believe that vegetables are the ultimate food. They’re universal and fundamental, but also wonderfully creative and inspiring. They are the product of a fascinating process and the starting ingredient for a million new ones.

We started this company with a single vegetable (our beloved Shishito pepper) and big dreams: to be a modern-day farming company that creates simple, fresh, and exciting food. Today, we spend our time growing imaginative vegetables on our East Coast farms and creating our signature Veggie Bowls in a multitude of indulgent, plant-based flavors.

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The Ark Foods Ecosystem

Big agriculture is a historically murky industry, which is why from day one, we’ve been committed to doing it differently. We set out to build a completely transparent supply chain and today, we are deeply involved in the entire process of farming and producing our own food: we research and buy every seed, grow our own crops, and do our own packing and distribution. If our label is on your food, you can trust it was produced ethically with full supply chain transparency and total quality control.


Vegetables made simple (and with a twist)

We believe vegetables can be the rockstars of any dish. If grown right, they don’t need much help to taste good. You’ll find our fresh food is unique (we sometimes even invent new vegetables), but also simple and clean, and without unnecessary ingredients or confusing preparation requirements. Because vegetables should be both interesting and easy to incorporate into any occasion.

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Fresh food for everyone

It’s our fundamental belief that everyone should have access to fresh, healthy, and exciting vegetables. We’re constantly working on meeting this mission across our business, from how much our food costs to where it’s sold, and while we won’t get there in a day, we’re deeply committed to creating food that is truly accessible to everyone.